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2 pers. 10 USD /hour (min.5 hours) /hour
Tour to mountainous Adjara
Departs from:Batumi, Kobuleti
2 pers. 112 USD /day (min.2 days) /day
18 USD /hour
Departs from:Yerevan
Price from:125 for a group to 2 people
18 USD /hour
Khor Virap-Areni-Noravank
Departs from:Yerevan
Price from:125 $  for a group of 1-4 people
9 USD /hour
Car trip “Churches of Latali”
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:1-6 people 45 USD per trip
18 USD /hour
1 day rock climbing in Kutaisi
Departs from:Tbililsi Batumi
Price from:320 $ for 4 people
22 USD /hour
Car trip to Ushguli
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:110 $ per group up to 6 people
42 USD /hour
Horse-riding tours “Becho”
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:165 $ per group up to 3 riders
260 USD /day
3-day free-ride coaching tour
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:480 $ per 2 person for 3 days
230 USD /day
Tour to Svaneti from Batumi for 2 days
Departs from:Adjara
Price from:460$ for a group of up to 4 people
20 USD /hour
Author’s excursion in Secret places
Departs from:Batumi
Price from:100 $ per group up to 4 people
5 USD /hour
Rafting on the legendary Rioni River
Departs from:Batumi
Price from:$ 55 per participant
100 USD /day
To Armenia: for miracles
Departs from:Erevan
Price from:400 $ for 4 days
20 USD /hour
Time travel
Departs from:Yrevan
Price from:100 per 4 persons
25 USD /hour
Bike ride from Batumi
Departs from:Batumi
Price from:25 $ per person