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We are an onsite all-season tour operator for the region of Upper Svaneti. We develop new trails, design tours and cooperate directly with guest-houses, drivers, guides, instructors and local tourist authorities. Our team has driven and walked all over Svaneti to find the best destinations and routes, take photographs and compose descriptions of the trails and sights. We hold certificates in tourism, so we know how to organize all the elements of a great vacation. We operate fully online to guarantee the lowest prices and be more accessible, however our manager is always on the spot to meet you and settle any arising issues

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9 USD /hour
Car trip “Churches of Latali”
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:1-6 people 45 USD per trip
22 USD /hour
Car trip to Ushguli
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:110 $ per group up to 6 people
42 USD /hour
Horse-riding tours “Becho”
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:165 $ per group up to 3 riders
260 USD /day
3-day free-ride coaching tour
Departs from:Mestia
Price from:480 $ per 2 person for 3 days