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Tour de Batum (Сycle walk around Batumi)

Batumi, Adjara
for 1 pers. 14 USD /per hour (min 4 hours) per hour


Individual Tour around Batumi.  Available for up to 6 persons
min. Price 56 USD for 2 persons


Our beautiful and cozy Batumi, among other things, is a city of bicycles. Getting around the Boulevard and parks on a bicycle is becoming a good tradition for both the people of Batumi and it’s many guests. This tour is for those who love outdoor activities and want to know the true history of this tropical city.
We will ride around all the famous places from the port in the old town to the new boulevard, making stops near the sights and learning their amazing stories. I am sure that the wide variety of ancient and modern religious and cultural monuments will not leave anyone indifferent!

* Our bike ride will start from the Park of Wonders, where we will meet the famous Ali and Nino, where the Batumi lighthouse keeps the secret of one of its rangers, where local chacha lovers are eagerly awaiting the eruption of the desired drink from the Chacha Tower, and where the modern monument to one stands proudly of the world’s oldest alphabets.

* Further, our path lies to the heart of Batumsky Boulevard, the symbolic entrance to the Batumi beach – the columns of the architect Kirakosyan. There you need to dismount for a while. Passing the summer theater, passing along the avenue of the newlyweds, we will meet the good genius of the Batumi coast Michel D’Alfons.

* At the old house in which the great Chekhov and Gorky once stopped, we will again climb into the saddle, and move to Europe Square, where we will see a monument to one of the most famous legends of ancient Greece (or maybe not legends), the legend of the Argonauts.
After we will take an interest in astronomical hours and driving past the local Neptune and the magnificent building of the dramatic Theater head to the Church of St. Barbara founded in 1888 and the house of the famous and very mysterious Rodshildov.

*Next we are waiting for that same park where the famous cypress tree grows, planted by the Russian Emperor Alexander the 3rd, next to which the inimitable Yesenin lived about a century ago and walked with Shagane around Lake Nurigel.
We will not ignore the building of the Batumi University, which was once a male gymnasium, next to which, in a local prison, Joseph Stalin was sitting.

* And here it is, the legacy of unceasing progress. Where a couple of decades ago everything ended, now everything is just beginning. Ladies and gentlemen, before you New Boulevard! Stately new buildings, restaurants of the most unusual forms and the fruits of modern art welcome you! If desired, we will be able to replenish the spent energy in one of the many institutions in this part of the city (exclusively for your taste and choice) by tasting the creations of Georgian cooks.

* Having rested and recuperated, along a smooth cycle path of the boulevard, we will complete the final, approximately half an hour cycle run from the New boulevard to the place of our first meeting, which cannot be changed.
There we return the bikes to their dear owner, adequately complete our Tour de Batum!

Organizational details

Only those who are confidently seated in the cycle’s saddle can participate in this tour!
It is recommended to stock up on sunscreen, glasses and a bottle of water.
To those girls and women who wish to consider religious temples from the inside, it is necessary to have scarves to cover the head as well as long scarves to create a similarity to the skirt.
The place of our meeting with you is the lower station of the Batumi cable car on ul. Gogebashvili. Bicycles will stand in 3-4 minutes walk, during which we will meet and arm ourselves with the necessary instructions.



The price includes guide services, bicycle rental.
NOT included: food, souvenirs, shopping.
On Saturdays and Sundays, there is no guided tour.

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Price Details
Price per hour: for 1 pers. 14 USD /per hour (min 4 hours)
Extra Price per guest: 28 USD
Minimum no of hours: 4
Allow more guests than the capacity: yes
Extra options:
+ 1 pers. - add: 28 USD Single Fee
+ 2 pers. - add: 56 USD Single Fee
+ 3 pers. - add: 84 USD Single Fee
+ 4 pers. - add: 112 USD Single Fee
Point of departure
Country: Georgia
Listing ID: 2633
Basic Price: 56 USD for 2 person
Tour Languages: Russian
Departs From: Batumi



Hello dear guests!
My name is Arkady, and Georgia is my home, the country where I was born and raised, where my ancestors were born and lived for many decades, and maybe centuries.
Much is close and dear to my heart. Therefore, one of my favorite activities is to open my Country to all those who wish to get to know Her closer, to penetrate Her culture, history, secrets, to know Her unique character and enjoy Her beauty!
I am a musician, composer, poet and marketing manager. In addition, I love sports, read books and communicate with people.
I look forward to meeting you, my dear guests!

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