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Borjomi park, Rabat fortress and cave monastery Vardzia

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Batumi, Adjara, Samtskhe -Javakheti
2 pers. 112 USD /day (min.2 days) per day


Tour from Batumi



Our first stop will be at famous Borjomi

On the way to Borjomi, you can taste the sweet raisin bread that is baked only in this place.
Borjomi Mineral Water Park (admission 2 gel pp) is the most famous and most touristic destination.

There you can:
– try famous Borjomi spring which is warm and doesn’t taste like bottled Borjomi.
– ride cable cars to the plateau where you can enjoy nice views.


Male monastery of Sapar

Our next stop is the male monastery of Sapar.
Located on the edge of a cliff about 12 km southeast of Akhaltsikhe, it rightly competes with Vardzia as one of the most beautiful places in the region.

The monastery has existed at least since the 9th century. Among its monks were many important names of Georgian ecclesiastical history. In the 13th century, it became the seat of the local ruling family, Jakelis.
The biggest church is Sapary, St. Saba, with outstanding frescoes, dates from this time.


Akhaltsikhe Rabati fortress

Then we will visit Akhaltsikhe Rabati – a city -fortress.
Here a professional guide will tell you about the town’s centuries-old history and architecture.



And we will finish our first day in Abastumani.
Abastumani is famous for its three thermal springs with a water temperature of 39 to 48 degrees.
There in the pools with hot mineral water, two steps away from our hotel, you can relax after a busy day


Next day we will go to Vardzia. But on the way we will stop at one of the oldest fortresses of Georgia – Khertvisi


Khertvisi fortress

Khertvisi stands on a high rocky hill at the confluence of the Kura (Mtkvari) and Paravani rivers and in former times served as an important fortification, controlling the passage through the narrow canyon.
The history of the fortress dates back to the 2nd century BC, and the modern walls were built in the 14th century.



Finally, the goal of our journey is Vardzia. Here we will have lunch and on a full stomach, we climb through the caves of this amazing city in the rock.

The cave city of Vardzia is a cave monastery dug in the slope of Mount Erusheli in southern Georgia, near Aspindza. It was founded by Queen Tamar in 1185.

The monastery was built to protect against the Mongols and consisted of more than six thousand caves in a thirteen-story complex. The city included a church, a throne room and a complex irrigation system that irrigated the terraces of agricultural land. The only access to the complex was through several well-hidden tunnels near the Mtkvari River.

An earthquake in Samtskhe destroyed about 2/3 of the city in 1283, exposing caves outside and destroying the irrigation system.


After Vardzia, having received so much emotion and having spent so much energy you will have nothing left to do but sleep the rest of the way home in our comfortable bus


Road map:

1-st day:

>>> departure from Batumi (about 9-00)
>>> stop for lunch on the way
>>> visiting the Borjomi Mineral Water Park
>>> visiting the male monastery of Sapar
>>> visiting Akhaltsikhe Rabati – a city-fortress
>>> arrival in Abastumani
>>> supper
>>> swimming in hot mineral water pools

2-nd day:
>>> visiting Khertvisi fortress
>>> lunch at Vardzia
>>> visiting the cave monastery Vardzia
>>> return to Batumi

Duration of the excursion is 2 days.
 Departs at 08.30 – 09.00



Drivers are not professional guides. You will be driven safely along the route while hearing interesting local stories. They will help you in every possible way but at the sightseeing, only accredited guides are permitted.



YOUR PRICE depends on the number of people who signed up for the tour:
2 persons – 300 GEL per person.
3 persons – 230 GEL per person.
4 persons – 190 GEL per person.
5 persons and more – 170 GEL per person.

Invite your friends!



The price of the tour includes car, driver-guide services, hotel accommodation.
* In case of an insufficient number of signed people, a car can be provided instead of a bus.

The price of the tour does NOT include: meals, entrance fees (Borjomi – 2 GEL, Rabat – 7 GEL, Khertvisi – 5 GEL, Vardzia – 7 GEL, Hot Springs 10 GEL) and local excursions!!!

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Departs From: Batumi, Kobuleti


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